Reveal your true self to yourself through creative expression , communication and awareness coaching


Art Therapy

All individuals have the capacity to express themselves creatively. You do not need to be artistically inclined or interested. In art therapy, the product is not important. There is no need to make pretty or accurately looking images. Art therapy aims to help individuals overcome emotional or psychological challenges to achieve a greater sense of personal well being.

It is a gentle, non-verbal form of therapy that allows you to reveal yourself, in your own pace and personal space, and to recognise and restore parts of yourself through creative expression. Art therapy is a therapeutic practice. It combines art and (transpersonal) psychology. It uses the creative process, artistic techniques and external artwork to support individuals to develop self-awareness, explore emotions and address unresolved conflict or trauma. The art therapist will choose and facilitate art activities that are helpful to you, help you to find meaning in the creative process, facilitate your sharing of the experience of image making, and for you to make sense out, gain insight into, and come to a resolve around your area of concern.

What Art Therapy is NOT

There has been a rise in what is often referred to as Mindfulness Colouring. Some people see this as a part of art therapy, but it is very distinct from accredited art therapy practice. There are many do-it-yourself colouring apps and coloring books for adults or children, promoting colouring as a form of self-care or mindfulness. While these activities can be helpful, they are not considered art therapy.

Another way of working that some people call ‘art therapy’ but which is actually a form of ‘art as therapy’, is for example the following: People who are trained as visual artists and like to help people with mental health problems, help others to make a pre-designed painting or to make a visual diary of their memories. Whilst those activities are useful in their own right, they are NOT part of a therapeutic process.

The Self-awareness workshops and one-on-one sessions are informed by the work of Maori pragmatic philosopher and wiseman, Dave Ormsby Green who was my teacher for 14 years.


Individual professional people: $135/hr, or $180 for 1,5 hours.

Self- or plan-managed NDIS participants (one-on-one sessions and workshops with 3 participants per workshop): Please refer to NDIA Price-Guide.

Community and corporate organisations: 

Negotiable, depending on group-size and staff-development requirements.


(Strengthening Resilience art therapy workshops - series of 4 sequential workshops of 2,5 hours each): Negotiable, depending on group-size.